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Before CBD became widely known and used as it is today, Cannabis had become legal for medicinal purposes. My wife at the time was taking several different medications for her health. I always knew that eventually all those prescription medication she was taken would destroy her organs. So initially I had mentioned to her to get a medical card to start using Cannabis. She was doing that for a bit but then started to notice that her anxiety was getting pretty bad. We later realized it was the effects from the THC. When it wasn’t working out for her, luckily at that time, CBD Hemp was starting to get recognized. 
I did some research into CBD Hemp and found a lot of health benefits which would allow relief for some of the conditions that my wife has. I started reaching out to sellers and other users to get some insight about CBD Hemp. Eventually we started ordering some products for my wife to try out. We started noticing changes and the positive outcome she was experiencing from using CBD. That’s when we realized that this was the industry we wanted to get into. We wanted to help others to get the help they need in a healthy manner that didn’t require the use of prescription medication. 
Our goal at CBD Hut is to help provide a service to help our customers find the best solution for their needs that works for them. Each person is unique so we want to make sure we provide the best products and solutions for our customers.  
CBD Hut is a community and safe space to discuss all natural alternatives to prescription medicine, when necessary.
Everyone is welcome at CBD Hut, we want people to come to our online community and find the CBD product that works for them. By definition huts are built with readily available materials, similar to CBD, we welcome you to join our community and rethink your medicine with CBD Hut approved natural alternatives.

We only provide safe and natural products in our hut.