Jaxon wants you to live your best life. Period.
Making your day better is our ultimate goal. Our products elevate experiences, smooth tension, and calm the mind. Between all our strains, we have your optimum feelings covered. From workdays to the weekends, we have products to help you focus or relax, mingle, or chill. We understand life’s ups and downs and believe there is room for JAXON to help take those experiences up a notch.

Jaxon sources the best hemp in the world (yes, THE WORLD!)
We don’t use the phrase “World Famous” lightly. Jaxon’s approach to hemp flower is simple: source only the very best. Located in sunny Southern Oregon, the most ideal climate for growing top-shelf hemp flower, we have access to hundreds of farms and millions of pounds of flower to hand-pick the very best flower. Our team has years of quality control experience in the hemp field. You could say we are experts! We know what quality looks, smells, and tastes like. We are thrilled to provide the world’s best hemp products direct to your door.

Jaxon products are clean, pure, and tested.
It is not just quality we are after. We insist on the purest, cleanest flower. Therefore, we test every lot of flower we source. We follow the strictest standards to ensure every Jaxon product is free of pesticides, and any other contaminants. Our farms follow strict standards, in fact, in Oregon all hemp crops must be grown organically by law.