Peacock Super Lemon Haze Sativa

This is my 1st time trying this concoction. 1000 mg of terpenes, #SuperLemonHazeSativa. Sounded so intriguing to me. I had an estimated 10 or so drops, and waited. 

First off, the taste got me on this trip of wonderment. I liked... no I LOVED the name!!! It made me want to RIP the plastic off the bottle, and not waste any time in unscrewing the cap open, opening my mouth, sticking out my tongue, and welcoming those drops underneath my taste-bud-filled tongue.

It was a matter of a minute or so until I started feeling the stress, anxiety.. or a combo of the two, erase, dissipate, dissolve away into what felt like thin air. 

Scientifically, at the moment, I'm unable to tell you why this beautiful bottle of happiness serves its purpose in the best way possible, for hundreds, thousands, and yes even millions of people all over the world. 

But what I can say is this brand, Peacock, has my personal stamp of approval. All day, all night, and everywhere in between. 

Thank you Peacock for making a product line that works, is legit, and let's not forget... 3rd party tested!