CBD MD Gummies

...Tried this the other night... and all I can say is this:

750 mg does my body good.  The gummies are (in my opinion) substantially larger in size than the previous ones we tried out.  I did feel the 750 mg held a much better effect as well.

Coming home from work, I ate one.  Within 10 minutes, maybe a little more, I felt a mellow out feel, especially to my stressed out exhausted brain.  I really enjoy gummies more so at night, than in the morning or daytime.  I'm not really sure why, however I've been sticking with that lately.

The taste is pretty yummy... as it excites your buds with fruity flavor, but then there's that taste... where you just know it's not an #ordinary #gummy.  It's a gummy that's enriched with the goodness of #CBD.

My #partnerincrime tends to take a gummy in the morning, and at night.  I enjoy taking the #sublingual #tincture during the morning and day time.  I guess it's all up to you, when you want to feel that #smoothrelaxing #serenity of #awe.

 I give these gummies 2 thumbs up.  I did quite enjoy the 750 vs. the 300 mg... however that dosage can be different for everyone.  For someone who is just beginning to try out gummies or cbd in general, it'd be totally advisable to start out slow and low.  I've been taking cbd for 3+ years now... 

#cbdMD knows what's it's doing... clearly.